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Master CSS3 and ReactJs by Developing 3 Projects

Master CSS3 and ReactJs by Developing 3 Projects
Master CSS3 and ReactJs by Developing 3 Projects

Master CSS3 and ReactJs by Developing 3 Projects

Learn CSS3, ReactJs, Fontawesome, Google fonts, and Responsive web design by working on three real-world projects that you can show your friends.

What you’ll learn

Master CSS3 and ReactJs by Developing 3 Projects

  • You’ll learn about CSS3 and its ideas.
  • You will learn about React JS and how to make frontends with reusable parts.
  • This class will teach you about both static and dynamic routes in React JS.
  • You will learn about Responsive Web Designing and Development in this class.
  • You will learn about Font Awesome and how to use Google fonts.
  • We’ll make three projects and learn about HTML, CSS, and ReactJS.
  • You will also learn about different ways to debug your code.
  • Each project will have its own source code.


  • A computer that has Internet access


We’re going to cover all the basics of CSS3 and ReactJs in this course. You’ll also learn how to think about how to make a frontend that is both responsive and production-ready.

All the basics of making components in React will be taught, and then you’ll learn more complicated things like static and dynamic routes.

We’ll be making three projects:

Responsive Portfolio Website: Project One

  • Set up the project layout
  • Working on the Outline of the Menu
  • It’s part one of styling the Menu section.
  • It’s part two of styling the Menu section.
  • When you’re styling the Menu, this is the third part.
  • Styling the body part Part 1
  • Part 2: Styling the Body
  • To make the website more responsive, you need to make it smaller and more

It’s the second project. We want to make the Our Services page more stylish.

  • Setting up the structure
  • Making changes to the markup and the layout.
  • Working on the style and responsiveness of the site

The third project is to build a website for people to list their homes.

  • Github-Repo-Local-Setup
  • Create-react-app
  • Code-Cleanup
  • Adding fonts from Google
  • React-How-it-works-VSC-Extension
  • Creating-TopBar-Component
  • Understanding-JSX
  • Working on the component that lists items.
  • In CSS, you can use variables to change the look of a page
  • I’m working on the Listing Overview screen.
  • List of items by category and time
  • Styling Listing: The description of each item.
  • It’s been a while since I worked on the layout of the Listing Details part.
  • On the Listing Detail page, I added a sidebar.
  • It’s easy to change how the Listing Detail page looks.
  • Working on the metadata section of the Listing Detail page
  • How to change how images show up on the Listing Detail page
  • How to style Title and Action on a Listing Page
  • Changing the look of the Author and Post time section of the Listing Detail page
  • The description section of the Listing Detail page can be styled to look the way you want.
  • When you look at a listing’s details page, you can style the first letter of the description.
  • The Layout for the Create Listing page needs to be set up.
  • In the process of making a listing page.
  • I’m working on adding an icon to the Create Listing page.
  • Styling the page where you make a list
  • Installing the React Router Dom library will help you move between components.
  • Items on the menu can now have navigation and routes added to them.
  • Dynamic navigation is used to show property details.

You will also get the source code for all three projects, so you can use them as a guide at any time.

Who this course is for:

  • who wants to become an expert in frontend UI development can do this course

Master CSS3 and ReactJs by Developing 3 Projects

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